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Sinertik Ltd. is a company that specializes in selling and representing the strongest brands of friction materials, and manufacturing of special clutches with specific purposes and requirements.

The company has extensive experience in serial production of entirely new clutch discs.We have discontinued serial production, and proceeded selling the highest quality materials as well as specific purpose clutches (sport, tractor and truck clutches). We consider ourselves not only dealers, but experts in materials with great experience in manufacturing.  Read more...

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2-6 times longer lasting than sintered bronze!

Up to 300% total savings


NEW! Syntex - complete replacement for the sintered clutch buttons.


Load endurance of over 1000 horsepower

Best performance

It doesn’t heat up. It can even work in oil.

Amazing Savings

Extended lifetime 2-6 times of a clutch disc with sintered bronze, no damage to the clutch cover or flywheel.

It doesn’t pollute the environment! Try it now and order at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Clutches that use sintered bronze (sintered clutch buttons) are exposed to extreme working conditions.

The most common application is in agricultural machinery, trucks, high power tractors and sports vehicles.

Problems that may arise with such clutches:
-    Great damage done to the entire clutch ( clutch cover, clutch disc and flywheel )
-    Frequent and complete destruction of the clutch disc
-    Overheating of all surrounding materials
-    Very rough transmission shifting and gearshift management
-    Long-term consequences on gearshift, and even on the engine
-    Slipping in the event of an oil leak


By implementing special synthetic materials product of remarkable resistance to the most severe forms of friction was produced. The manufacturer was focused on specific types of devices, however, it was put to good use in all clutch systems.

As we are in business of developing clutch systems we wanted to test it in the most extreme conditions. We opted for high power sports cars. For several years we conducted tests on vehicles that compete in Street Racing. After the testing was done optimal product was obtained that has application from the most extreme conditions to the most ordinary vehicles for everyday use – it is Syntex clutch button

Syntex clutch button has application in all vehicles and machinery which until now used sintered bronze, however, due to the ease of installation and perfect performance it can be installed in any car, truck, tractor or industrial and agricultural machinery. It is especially important where the exploitation of the clutch is considerable: high power tractors, agricultural machinery, vans, trucks...

Price of Syntex is at start a little more expensive than the regular clutch disc, however, its durability and preservation of other parts of the clutch cheapens the whole clutch kit. Conservation of a flywheel and clutch cover can save you up to a few hundred euros.


As an end user you will achieve up to 300% savings:

-   You will prolong clutch disc lifetime whether it is an ordinary clutch disc or sintered clutch button

-   Flywheel and clutch cover won’t be seriously damaged, especially if you have used sintered clutch buttons up until now. Sintered clutch buttons usually destroy clutch cover and flywheel, and their price in certain applications is over 600 euros. Practice has shown (although there are exceptions), it was enough to change Syntex clutch button, and avoid clutch cover and flywheel being damaged. Racers were changing complete kits in situations when they used sintered bronze after almost every race, but with Syntex clutch buttons changes were made after 6-7 races with almost no damage done to the clutch kit.

-    Due to the enhanced durability need for intervention of a mechanic is reduced

-    Agricultural machinery and tractors where Syntex has largest application provide great savings and comfort during work

-    Trucks and buses also achieve significant savings and increased comfort during use

"I forgot the last time I changed clutch disc ."  Street Race driver.
(regular replacement of sintered clutch buttons during such races is almost after every race)

We chose this car racing category because engines of over a thousand horsepower are used and they are based on a very strong start that cause clutch to be red hot.

Promotion until the end of the month - 15% off on all clutch buttons!

Refurbishers: FREE rivets for each clutch button ordered

Drivers: FREE installation on your clutch disc

Racers: A special type of cooperation

Guarantee  if you are not satisfied with the results of Syntex the next two overhauls will be completely free, with the highest quality clutch facing or sintered bronze, depending on what you use.

Syntex cannot be compared with conventional clutch facings, not even with those of the most famous manufacturers. It is 2-6 times more durable (durability depends on driving style) than sintered bronze, but unlike sintered bronze it doesn’t damage metal parts such as flywheel and clutch cover, and with all these features you can achieve great savings.


Stop wasting your money and time, install Syntex clutch buttons and enjoy.

For a limited time only order Syntex clutch buttons and get a discount!

Send your orders to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are using sintered clutch buttons send us a sketch of a clutch button with approximate dimensions and number of pieces, and if you want to use it in an ordinary car, it is sufficient to send us the outer diameter of the clutch disc and we will send you our offer as soon as possible. Don’t forget - 15% off until the end of the month!

After the sale has ended clutch buttons will be available at regular prices.