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Sinertik Ltd. is a company that specializes in selling and representing the strongest brands of friction materials, and manufacturing of special clutches with specific purposes and requirements.

The company has extensive experience in serial production of entirely new clutch discs.We have discontinued serial production, and proceeded selling the highest quality materials as well as specific purpose clutches (sport, tractor and truck clutches). We consider ourselves not only dealers, but experts in materials with great experience in manufacturing.  Read more...

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Roll linings – for overhauling brakes and brake shoes


Roll linings that we offer are made of best friction material by renowned manufacturer Frenoutic.

We always have in stock the most commonly used dimensions, and if you need something beyond the standard, contact us.


We also have adhesives for bonding roll linings on a metal surface.


Dimensions that we always have in stock:

30x3 mm 50x6.5mm  80x6mm
30x4 50x7 80x7
30x5 55x5 80x8
35x4 55x6 80x10
35x5 57x5 90x5
40x4 60x4 90x6
40x4.5 60x5 90x8
40x5 60x6 100x8
45x4 60x8.0 100x10
45x5 70x5 100x12
50x4 70x6 120x10
50x5 70x7 120x12
50x6 80x5  


The prices depend on the quantity of order and continuity of cooperation. For all information send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying the dimensions, quantity, cooperation plan and information about your company.