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Sinertik Ltd. is a company that specializes in selling and representing the strongest brands of friction materials, and manufacturing of special clutches with specific purposes and requirements.

The company has extensive experience in serial production of entirely new clutch discs.We have discontinued serial production, and proceeded selling the highest quality materials as well as specific purpose clutches (sport, tractor and truck clutches). We consider ourselves not only dealers, but experts in materials with great experience in manufacturing.  Read more...

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Clutch disc and clutch cover


We also have Italian clutch discs, clutch covers and bearings of manufacturers with whom we cooperate for many years. The cooperation is based on the import and sale of their products on the territory of former Yugoslavia. Based on our experience as former manufacturers we have chosen this product because of the price and durability.

Unfortunately, the market is saturated with products of a very poor quality, and the reason is that dealers want to lower the purchase price as much as possible, and thus contend with competition. The end user is the only one damaged in this situation because he is forced to buy very bad product at a low price.


By installing our clutch facings we raised the quality to a high level, without affecting the final price. The result is a combination of cheap clutch disc kits and very high quality.



We also offer passenger clutches, clutch covers, bearings and flywheels. You can order Italian kits – for current stock status send an inquiry through the contact form on our web site or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Write for which model you need a part or if you want to cooperate send information about the company.